Witój! Witaj! Welcome! Willkommen! Добро пожаловать! Bene advenisti! Beinvĩtû!

My name is Mateusz and I'm Kocievian or more broadly – Pomeranian. I got a Bachelor of Engineering in Informatics and I work as an audio driver developer. I've been dealing with programming since my junior high schooland it is my passion since then.

For a couple of years modern C++ has been my crush. I do not like like webdev but it's not the worst thing I've done for money. I adore Microsoft-based solutions but I use Linux and FreeBSD on a daily basis, too. I'd love to acquire a little bit more of some retro computer hard- and software, and I am slowly progressing. My various projects can be found on my Github profile and also on their long not updated website:

I love natural and constructed languages and feel sorry for the fact that I don't have enought time to learn them. For some bizarre reason I like a particular TV show about talking pastel horses. Watching it, and also all the activity inside its fan community has inspired me to writing and drawing. I am no artist but I know closely a couple of folks who deserve this label. I like lyricless music of various kind and used to play some keyboard or even to make some arrangements but I am no musician, too. My works can be found on DeviantArt and SoundCloud.

I try to be Catholic. As for politics, I got honestly bored, but in general I'm a moderate conservative, somewhere between monarchism and minarchism. I'm trying my best to show it all in both my fandom activity and in the content of my fan fiction (though its first chapters struggle with conveying any content at all).

I like trains. I can't be called a railway lover yet but I am very eager to brag about my list of visited train stations. I love pets (especially cats), unless they are arthropods.