Witój na mojéj powjitalnéj stronie! Witaj na mojej stronie powitalnej! Welcome to my landing page! Willkommen auf meiner Begrüßungsseite! Добро пожаловать на мою приветственную страницу! Bene advenisti in paginam salutantem meam! Beinvĩtû ên mei paigne solûtẽte!

As Pomeranian, doesn't like Warsaw. As Kocievian, doesn't like Kashubians. Has friends in Warsaw and family in Kashubia. Still struggles with being Catholic, simultaneously speaking one of the hardests languages. Periodically moves between localities with unpronounceable names. Got bored with politics, monarchist and minarchist at the same time.

Likes trains and trams but wouldn't dare call himself a railway lover. Likes drawing and writing but wouldn't dare call himself an artist. Likes lyricless music of various kind, plays some keyboard and makes some arrangements but wouldn't dare call himself a musician. Likes natural and constructed languages but wouldn't dare call himself a polyglot. For some bizarre reason he likes a particular TV show about talking pastel horses. Is a cat lover (currently catless) but likes almost every other pet - unless it's an insect.

Is a computer programmer since his junior high school. It is a pure love, at least on his side of this relationship. Doesn't like reinventing the wheel but loves experiencing the ride without it. C++17 is his crush. Doesn't like webdev but it's not the worst thing he has done for money. A diet Microsoft fanboy using FreeBSD and Linux on a daily basis. Tries to have some retro computer hard- and software but fails at the moment.